5 Excellent


Imtiaz Ali is back after LAK which was a superhit.He again comes up with a love story with something different at core,music and fame..
Story is erratic to say at least ,but clearly Imtiaz Ali know what he's doing,he effortlessly brings An above average script to the big screen and result is a good film.Its Ranbir Kapoor show all the way from the word go,he is equally great as a jat boy and a rockstar.His journey from Janardhan to jorden,is inspiring in parts.Few question remain unanswered sure,but at last,they don't matter much to the going ons.
Ending will not go down well with everyone \,but in my opinion its apt.It is infact almost a perfect end to the journey of this ROCKSTAR directed by a gifted director Imtiaz Ali.
Music was always to be the highpoint,and it is.One of Rahman's best work in recent times.
Ranbir is great,this could be a turning point in his career,Nargis looks great but her acting is above ordinary,Aditi Rao Hydari is good,Piyush Mishra is awesome,and same for Kumud Mishra.Special mention for one of the highlight characters,played by legendary Shammi Kapoor,its a treat to watch him again on big screen,and for the last time.His role short but pivotal and he carries it with amazing ease.he is too good.
my favourite scene will be the JUGALBANDI or dichotomy of fame,between ranbir and Shammi ji.another highlight sequence is the ending.
Its not for everyone,its appeal is limited to youngsters and young at hearts or music lovers,masala film lovers won't actually find it good.Its business will be entirely based on big cities.
For some it will be a good one time watch,for some it will be their favourite this year,so the word of mouth will vary,but at the end it is indeed a treat to watch it,due to its cinematography,picturisation and execution.
the whole team has put so much love in this films,its hard not to like this film.