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Pyaar Ke Side Effects

Pyaar Ke Side Effects: Delicious!!

Holy Smoke!! Men better watch out. Some of our closely guarded secrets are out in the open now. Women will now know what we are thinking when we propose to them; what we think of their bodies; their minds and their dads. Even more so what we think of them when we are with them and a hottie passes by. And the most dangerous; what we exactly mean when say “I want to marry you” and “I think this relationship is heading nowhere”. Men, Romans and countrymen; the game’s up and the secrets are out with Pyaar Ke Side Effects.

The movie traces the story of Sid (Rahul Bose) from the time he meets Trisha Mallik (Mallika Sherawat) to the time he proposes to the time she proposes marriage. It also deals with his journey right from the engagement to the marriage. And the many, many issues and incidences that crop up because of their different backgrounds. He’s a Mumbaiite, she’s a Delhi gal; he’s freewheeling, she’s grounded to reality, he’s a DJ; she works for an event management company. They’re different but they choose to spend the journey of life together. The complications that arise form the crux of the story.

The treatment of the movie is what makes it special. It’s a man’s view of the happenings and the dialogues that are used to support the views are extremely well written. The music by Pritam is very hip and happening keeping with the mood of the film. The cinematography is a major let down.

Mallika Sherawat for the first time ever has shown signs of acting talent. She really appears comfortable as Trisha and looks the role. Sophie Choudhary needs to add oomph value to the proceedings and she does a great job of it. Between her and Mallika, they ensure that the front benchers will not be disappointed. Tarana in a small but significant role impresses. Ranvir as Rahul Bose’s roommate is a real rockstar. He exudes comic talent in dollops. Jas Arora and Sharat Saxena are adequate in their roles.

But Rahul Bose is the real star of the film. He is the central character and carries the film on his shoulders admirably. He makes Sid look extremely believable and effortlessly charts the various emotions that his character needs to exude. The movie is unimaginable without him.

Saket Choudhary’s direction is mediocre but he is aided by a fantabulous screenplay, a set of excellent dialogues that keep the audience in splits and a terrific actor as the lead. He needs to just ensure that the script is adhered to truthfully and manages to do a decent job of that.

The movie does not hold mass appeal since a majority of its dialogues are in English and a few of the scenes may be embarrassing to the general public. But the insights into a man-woman relationship in its today’s times are so real and treated in such a delightful manner that the movie becomes extremely enjoyable. Watch it for sure; but only in a friend’s group or with your spouse!!