2 Average


A needed change in Vijay's movie career. Fantasy which has been less explored, the director has a decent imagination for a kid swapping Cartoon channels. Fantasy can be anything, as long as one can show it with visual appeal, and so is the VFX visually grand. Its almost like Disney created the movie with a dialectic touch of the south.

Since backed by a simple plot, the direction gets even simpler. The way the story is told is for just one good watch. While one cannot miss to criticize the lack of character and method adaptation from the lead actor, it is acknowledged that, there is an effort made.

Music not so compulsive to the ears if one has a wide imagination of background scores folding up parallelly while watching any movie. Songs are over-employed for the sake of it. Directors need to have the fist to ignore them, instead of pushing them into screen as some Kollywood movie mandate element.

Even a black mind can be filled with vivid colors, and visually a good treat. Comparison with other movies will be a stupid mind activity. Baahubali, Puli are different. If Baahubali is from the land, then Puli is depcited to be like the one from the Sky. You don't know what the Sky has in it without exploration, and one has to at the least appreciate the imagination of the director before pulling the tiger's tail.

The dialogues are lamely sensible and do not pitch well for the story that is Puli.

There's a lot done with what is totally mad. How does one not recognize the attempt crazy, if a madman wears a doctor's coat?

Overall, some more experiments could have parred the movie to a decent run and reception. Though 'Puli' a title not suitable, but there is some cat roar and is well heard through distances.