2.5 Good


I would just like to highlight few pros and cons and then finally ending up with my conclusion.

Pros: Boldness to make a fantasy film. VFX Vijay Cineamtography Art Direction

Cons: Screenplay Music Wasted the cast's potential


It is a fantasy film and they mentioned that it is a "Family entertainer". Let's say they tried doing a Disney- style film which didn't excel, but common it is a good attempt and encouraging these kinds of movies is something that I would love to. Now let me share my opinion.

Simbudevan tried giving a family entertainer with a unique movie genre that South Indian Industry is afraid to venture into. Also, I believe that he wanted to direct the overall story a simple one. But, the problem arises when the other small stories come into play where the main story of the movie gets saturated. however, if that's the case and he wanted to direct a typical commercial film, then the movie would have become a fantasy story tailored only for Vijay and it would have been a typical "Commercial" movie with just the word fantasy added in front.

No way I am telling this movie is Awesome. If people want a "Solid Mass commercial packed action fantasy drama film", then there is good chance for them to get disappointed. But, if people look this as enjoyable fantasy film that they would love to watch and appreciate or want too enjoy this with their family, then do give it a try.

I do support and like this movie, but, my request to Simbudevan is that that we need these kinds of movies and when you are planning to direct in this genre, please make a unique story coz we are known for fantasies and we can definitely make a "World Class Movie". And director like you, it is definitely possible.

So basically, I Liked it very much but not Loved it for sure. Even when I tried watching it 'open- minded', it did not get me intrigued enough throughout the movie. All I can say is go with an open mind and you will like it. I would also like to appreciate the entire Puli team to give us this genre of Tamil movie after a long time.


Overall----> To put in a nutshell, a journey(Movie) which was supposed to be amazing got tiring a bit due to many diversions(Screenplay) in the forest. Puli's roar is not majestic enough, but, it did try really hard.