2 Average

This is the first time I have agreed with the review Taran Adarsh has written. Provoked has great subject, but was Mr.Jagmohan Mundhra up for it? I don't think so. Although the subject makes your heart weep for Ahluwalia, the film is a different story. Provoked lacks depth and to have a true story at hand, it's main basis is to have a positive impact on the audience, but Provoked's lack of depth does not allow to give an impact. The dialogues beautifully delivered by the ravishing Aishwarya, like the film, lack depth which clearly is another downfall on the film. There are a few touching sequences such as the trials and the encounters with Aishwarya and Naveen Andrews repeatedly beating his wife, ut they do not "provoke" your eyes to leak. The direction and screenplay is overall, weak and feeble, but the actors in the film are completely opposite. Jagmohan got Aishwarya's best performance at hand, Naveen manages to get you to hate him and Miranda Richardson is someone you fall in love with. However, Nandita Das and Robbie Coltrane don't contribute towards the film and do not give an impact at all! Overall, it was an up and down with provoked but the overall outcome is Average movie, overlly-hyped. Provoked will make a decent amount of money opening weekend but the collections are most likely going fall rapidly.