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Om Shanti Om

hi guys !!! usually i dont write reviews of movies but after watching om shanti om...i decided to write one. it was the most awaited movie of the year for the audiences as it was for me....!!!! but rather i was purely disappointed after watching it ...!!! shahrukh khan acted in a movie which had such a crap script....iam still not getting the point...!!!! the movie from the very beginning did not have its heart at the right place....farah khan's direction was clearly seen going places in this movie...she tried to portray something different but this was totally out of sought.... the first half was purely comical though i had hopes that the movie will make a strong comeback in the second half....but it entirely failed to do so.... there were some hilarious moments such as the one in which shahrukh remembers his past and returs to his mothers place ....with the illuminated faces of both kiron kher and sharukh " beta tu vapas aa gaya " "ha ma main aa gaya "....seriously i didnt expect this from the king khan...this was only one such moment but there are too many moments like this which will make you feel that om shanti om was a wrong choice....no offenses here....but there were some instants of this movie such as the item number " darde disco " and the song sequence in which you will get to see the glimpse of all most the entire bollywood which may make you feel a lot better....though the cinematography of the movie was quite good but that is pretty obvious when shahrukh khan is involved in a movie....all this movie is vewied only because of the presence of srk ......and hats to his six packs...!!!!!