4 Very Good

Om Shanti Om

Listen to me. The movie is good. And it's worth spinning your money on this movie this Diwali. It promises comedy though you may find some of it lame and it does have a story. The story may be the most fake ever thought[reincarnation] in this entire world but after all, why is it called a movie? It's not a reality show if that's what you're looking for. Anyway, as we all know, the music is fabulous and it's picturisation in the movie is also superb. The story is not a copy of any other movie. No, it's not. Get this doubt out of your minds. I would not want to say much about the lead actors because I dislike them both for some other reasons. This movie will 100% kick you out of boredom. I would not say that it's worth watching 1000 times. But it's worth the 168mins. It's not that typical indian emotional film where you go "cry me a river". It' really worth it, trust me. The only drawback i could see was the length. However, I would also give it 4/5.