0.5 Poor

Om Shanti Om

om shanti om is one of those movies where you start enjying the movie for first 5-10 minuts and then thats it. Rest is a sad procession of mindless jibs. THe story stumbles at many points and fails to moove ahead. To such an extent that in the end director ha sto take help from a ghost. I sincerely think that movie has been over rated by so called critics and no matter what they say over all a huge dissopintment. Sharukh khan the king hams in his role of OK or Om Kapoor with his slurred speech and he tries soooooo hard to be rough tough guy infront of Arjun Rampal( who is a big bore for the record )falls flat. Deepika looks pretty and shows a lot of promise and body. Well in short wait till DVD is out.