3.5 Very Good

Om Shanti Om

just came from watching OSO today after waitin 2 hrs in the line and i also went to the theatre yesterday but it was booked so i watched saawariya instead...

its one of the most entertaining movie this year...i thoroughly enjoyed each and every bit of it..farah khan proves that she is a master for masala movies.. the story is kinda illogical since its based on reincarnation but it was expected...its a type of movie which can be really enjoyed with a popcorn..the 70's cinema is brilliantly directed and the sets are very good..the movie is awsome till the deewangi song but it kinda drag after words..the choreography,cinematography and background score is top notch editing could have been better,especially in the send half.. the song picturization is really good especially dewwangi,dhoom tanna and dastaan..the guest apperences were tooo good especially akshay kumar

now come to the performances..

SRk:well he did a very good job but definetly it doesn't come in his top performances..but still he was good..

deepika:she was gorgeous and acted well for her first movie..

arjun:he was really good, one of his best performances

shryes: he was extremely likable..

kirron kher:she was good

on the whole its the best masala entertainer of the yr..