1.5 Average

Om Shanti Om

I think the movie is nothing great but it has received its hype only because of Shah Rukh Khan. Only die hard Shah Rukh fans will just blindly say its great movie, but from a neutral point of view there is no substance and story idea is copied from Karz. Few light hearted scenes are good and so are some song picturisation. But nothing gripping in the story. shah Rukh has done far better movies than this. I am sure it would have flopped miserably if any one else and not Shah Rukh would have been present in this movie. But sensible cinema goers will see that in the long run it is not really worth the time and money. The movie will not sustain its popularity other than the opening weekend. Only curiosity will pull the crowd to the theatre for the first week after that people are going to spread the word and make the attendence weaker in the following week.