4 Very Good

No Entry

Sahara One, BSK Network and S. K. Films No Entry is a comedy of situations. Anil Kapoor plays a publisher-editor of a magazine. Fardeen Khan is his reporter-photographer. Fardeen Khan brings a scoop photo of minister Boman Irani with half-clad girls. Initially, Anil does not like the idea of publishing it, but later agrees when Fardeen convinces him that scandal photos will boost the circulation. Now Anil decides to be more enterprising. Salman Khan is a playboy businessman. Salman's wife Esha Deol thinks that he is a faithful husband. Anil and Fardeen takes photos of Salman's escapades. Salman gladly poses as Anil is his friend. Anil's wife Lara Dutta and Esha are also friends. When Anil tells Salman that he would publish his photos.then Salman decides to play his game. He tries to convert Anil to be like him and have extra-marital affairs. Lara is a nagging wife and she is always accusing Anil of carrying on affairs with other women. Salman tells Anil that his conjugal life will be far better if he has affairs. Salman introduces Anil to Bipasha Basu who is a dancer. salman offers her an incentive of two lakh rupees if she succeeds in seducing Anil. Bipasha chases Anil, while Lara keeps her watchful eye on him. This is one comedy track, while the other is the romance between Fardeen and Celina Jaitley.

Production values are excellent. Ashok Mehta's cinematography is bound to be more than competent locations are captured very well. Anu Malik's music is below expectations as there is no hit number, however the title number 'Ishq di gali vitch no entry' has some appeal. It is a time pass film. It is a light hearted entertainment from the beginning to the end. As a film it is not upto expectations from a multi-starrer made with huge investment. The shortcoming is in the script. There is hardly any story, and the characters and their relationships are not convincing. First half is rather slow. Second half shows better tempo. Climax is good. Pre-climax scenes and the climax lift up the film. Performance-wise, Anil Kapoor is excellent. Salman Khan has less footage, but he is very natural and brightens the scene whenever he appears on the screen. Fardeen Khan is good. Lara Dutta is first rate. Esha Deol is okay. Bipasha Basu suits the role and does well. Celina Jaitley is passable. Boman Irani shows his spark in short appearances. Anjan Srivastava, Pratima Kazmi and Paresh Ganatra provide able support.

As the director, Anees Bazmee shows his competence as a comedy maker.