3 Good

My Name Is Khan

my name is khan! and i m not a terrorist!! this takes ur heart away.. and u r at 1ce recognize wid d character. and then the romance, at which KJ is best in town, is awesome..! The chemistry btwn kajol n srk is so amazing.. they jst rock togethr..!
but that is it.
the script so loose, tht u strt to thnk is it a joke or what? no research, nothing is realitic in this story. if want to make a movie on social issue, get ur facts right.
the character of SRK borrows heavily from FORREST GUMP. same single mother, gifted child drama... and the narrative too.. quite similar to it. he is narrating the story while he jots it down to a diary.
hurricane sequence deliberately fitted into script, which does no good to the movie n extends it to another half hour. and this kills all the fun.

well if SRK is in the movie then movie b8r b abt srk n not the story.. and SRK has done a gr8 job..aftr chak de its his 2nd movie in which he acts.