3 Good

My Name Is Khan

My Name is Khan is a movie mainly deals with the condition of muslims in USA after 9/11. Because of the plot and star-cast though there were tantamount amount of expectations from the movie, but it failed miserably.

If we talk about direction, Karan Johar could not do any justice to his name in this movie. Direction was boring and as usual(except some of the scenes). The love of SRK towards Kajol was the same we have seen in 1000's of movies. A tom-boyish girl still sad in Mind, dancing with bumps. The only thing Karan brought here was the fact that SRK was autistic. Otherwise same mode of presentation of love had been showed even in his own movies Kaal Ho Naa Ho (song kuch to hua hain).

The plot it self was faulty and felix. They tried to serve a lot of food in a single dish. Racism, Love between different Religions and families disapproval, the nature of a great man and so on. The story makes one feel that, this is the life of a hero not an ordinary man. But in such a plot like 9/11 life of an ordinary man would have been projected.

Again the lack of knowledge about USA was clearly visible in the movie. In USA racism can happen and indeed taking place everyday but it is not really plausible that, a youngster of 12-13 dies because of racial attack and the authority just shut down the cases on basis of lack of evidence. Again it is not permitted for individuals to go to some hurricane affected places and provide help without such pre-cautions.

The second half of the movie was stretched without any reason. Instead of showing him an ordinary person with extra-ordinary dreams, SRK was projected as somewhat super human in the movie.

Performance was the movie was OK. SRK had done acting better than this and Kajol could have control her tendency of over-projection. The boy acted as Kjaol's son was good.

Music wise MNIK is not bad at all. Shankar-Ehsan-Loy understood the theme and composed music according to the need. Saajda, probably is the most catchy song of the film.

Overall I would say, MNIK is a poorly directed, Narrated, Scripted and Performed film. There were some moments; like, death of Kajol's son which was eye-watering and in another scene SRK says to kajol, can we have sex please (which was really sweet); but, altogether it did not get the flavour it should have got. This is a movie a person would watch once and forget about it.

I would give this movie 3/5