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LoveShhuda Music Review



Ever since the promotion of Loveshhuda kick-started with unveiling of the song 'Mar Jaayen', it was pretty much established that this one is a musical in the offering. The

soundtrack pretty much justifies that as well, what with five original tracks and as many as six remix/reprise versions. Other than (guest) Mithoon, young Parichay is brought on board as the

composer. Sayeed Quadri, Kumaar, Manoj Yadav and Parichay contribute with lyrics.


Loveshhuda gets a brilliant start with Mithoon's 'Mar Jaayen'. The song is already popular, courtesy its melodious music, sensitive lyrics by Sayeed Quadri and heartfelt singing by

Atif Aslam. The entire team is in complete form here and that can be evidenced from the fact that right from first to the last note, the song stays consistent. In fact this is one of those rare

numbers (also appearing in a 'reprise version') where the 'antara' portion actually gathers further momentum over the 'mukhda', hence making you listen to this one even more attentively. The 'EDM

remix' version is just apt for the clubs and is a right add-on!

Next to arrive is 'Peene Ki Tamanna' which the mandatory dance number to be making an appearance right at the beginning of the soundtrack. As is the trend, no soundtrack can be

complete today without a 'daaru' number and this is where Vishal Dadlani and Parichay come together for 'Peene Ki Tamanna'. The song has an infectious rhythm to it and with the picturisation

kept racy as well along with signature dance step of Girish; you have the next party song for the DJ to include in his collection, what with the 'EDM remix' version included as well.

One hearing of 'Dono Ke Dono' and you are reminded of many a composition that Pritam has created for Saif Ali Khan in last few years. A party song set on a beach, this one could well

have found its way into the likes of Race, Cocktail or Love Aaj Kal. This is the third track in the album and the good part is that the compositions stay on to be quite good, hence

bringing in consistency in the soundtrack. Sung by Parichay and Neha Kakkar, this one has youthful charm to it, something that goes quite well with the genre, stage and setting of the film. The

'Chill Trap Remix' version further ensures that there is repeat value.

It is time for some 'desi' celebrations to kick in once Neha Kakkar brings her rendition of 'Chitta Kukkad', which is based on Punjabi folk. With a wedding background to it, this one

has a traditional beginning to it with 'desi' Bollywood music coming to the fore and the arrangements staying on to be Western. A 'cocktail' track that doesn't have a single dull moment, it has

Gippy Grewal arriving on the scene a minute and a half into the song. He brings in the humor element in the song (which also appears in the 'male' version led by him) and one can pretty much expect

some all-around smiles when this one plays on screen.

The party mood continues, this time with the protagonists returning to their dose of 'daaru' and 'botal'. Titled 'Total Talli', this one reminds one of 'Ramta Jogi'

[Taal] when it comes to the hookline. That said, this is where the similarity ends as rest of the track by Parichay and Teesha Nigam is totally different and manages to hold on to its own.

The song, which also arrives in the 'Trap Remix' version, pretty much maintains the mood of the rest of the soundtrack and doesn't deviate from the core sound that Loveshhuda carries.


Loveshhuda scores well in the consistency department. While 'Mar Jaayen' is as melodious as it gets, rest of the soundtrack sticks to its theme of dance, fun, masti and celebrations,

while staying youthful throughout.


'Mar Jaayen', 'Dono Ke Dono', 'Peene Ki Tamanna'

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