5 Excellent

WOW...now this is one of those rare movies which become what they aer due to powerful performances. Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan make this film what it is. offcourse, the due credot does go to Vipul Shah for immaclate direction and interesting plot, but the film moves to the "bests of the year" category only because of the intense and amazing performance by Salam and Ajay. While Ajay is as good as was expected from him, it is Salman who actually springs up a pleasent surprise. Now this is one treat to watch...Salman's performance clearly indicates teh amount of trust he has had on this film and his role. If wanted saw his graph moving up from 1 to 5, then London Dreams rasies it all the way up to 10. Such is his command on the role that he even gets the comedy right this time. Otherwise, as a Salman Khan fan, i always felt hopeless whenever has attempts to play a comic role, as he ususaly goes way over the top with his screechy dialogue delivery and his monotenous expressions...but amazingly, this time...he gets it spot-on and makes us laugh with his perfect delivery and timing. if his comedy is good...its the intense parts of his role that he is the most impressive in...the last hour or so displays what a wonderful actor he can become if he really gets involve in a role.

Ajay is 100% convincing in his portrayal of jealousy, frustration and anger...we have seen ajay in such intense roles...and he doesn't disappoint us this time as well.

Asin is imressive in her short role.

Music is EXCELLENT (except for the second last song). Khwab Jo...Mann ko Ati Bhaave and Barso are amazing compositions. and although people are illogically criticizing the music of the film...i truly found it perfectly in harmony with the mood and subject of the film.

the chemistry between Salman and Ajay is truly catchy.

hats-off too the cinematographer and production team for slick quality.

people are quoting that the movie get dragged along in the last hour an hour...well its true that no body would've mind a few cuts...but i didn't mind the dragging as well...i felt that it helped to give a smooth and calm end to this intense film.

overall...i can confidently rate this movie in the top 3 of the year...with "Kaminey" and "Love Aaj Kal" being the other two.

not to be missed...deffinitely worth multiple viewings.