4 Very Good

A very good movie! However the script is more, we have seen it all before, two friends, one gets jealous takes revenge but then at the end realises his mistake blah blah blah... Climax of the Wembley gig could of been handled better, the constant throwing of bottles and what not is so predictable, over the top and not needed. Manus drug obsession is just silly could of been handled better, Asin is wasted, tbh after Ghanjini she needed a much meatier and chunky role London Dreams does not do justice to her remarkable talent.
However saying all that London Dreams is excellent because the cast and crew make it excellent! The crew have done a fantastic job in this movie and it looks amazing WELL DONE! The CAST my GOD! THEY ARE BRILLIANT! Salmaan suits his character to the core!! He has played the Character of Manu brilliantly, its basically just an extension of him in real life, a fun loving guy with a huge heart! The two other band members are good, Brilliant acting for new comers! Asin is good, however does deserve a larger portion of the movie as the screen time given to er is not good enough for her talent, but however she is does justice to her role and works brilliantly in the scripts, Om Puri good as usual, hes good at playing the uncle from Punjab lol nothing new. But the star of the show is Ajay! This movie really made me realise how talented Ajay is!! I had not noticed it before that how dynamic and versatile the actor is. He can play any role, honestly he can! Omkara,All the Best, Golmaal, U Me aur Hum and London Dreams,I think Ajay is one of the most underrated talented actors in the industry! HE IS BRILLIANT AND THE STAR IN THIS MOVIE!!! SOL's music is BRILLIANT! All the songs are amazing,different and brilliant! Well done to them once again!!!

Overall a good watch and highly recommended especially leading up to the interval and after it- thats what makes London Dream soo good! :D

I would give it ***1/2 but im going to give it **** as Ajays acting has won me over i think hes amazing loool, soo 4*s and well deserved!! :D