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Krishna Aur Kans Movie Review

Krishna Aur Kans Movie Rating

Rama, Ganesha, Hanuman, Arjun, now Krishna… The Indian animation industry appears to have devoted itself into creating animation movies on folklore and mythology. Though we are well versed with the characters and stories, having heard the tale since early days, you relive the experience as the story unfurls, in an animated set-up, on the big screen.

KRISHNA AUR KANS records Lord Krishna's early years, from his birth to the killing of the evil Kans, the triumph of good over evil. From grandparents to parents and children, every generation is a Krishna devotee and admirer. He's a warrior, the destroyer of evil, a doting son, a friend and a cute prankster.

KRISHNA AUR KANS has some gorgeous images, but the feeling of watching an epic unfold on screen is missing. Let's presume, those who go to watch the film are familiar with the story. So the gratification lies in the telling. The problem with KRISHNA AUR KANS is that the movie lacks the dramatic and edge-of-the-seat screenplay. The movie starts off well, but the narrative never rockets. Also, the run time of 2 + hours is a disincentive. A 90-minute film, encompassing the imperative episodes, would've made the narrative crisper. In fact, the film could've done way with a couple of songs.

One more factor that goes against it is the spoken language. If the target audience is the kids, the usage of shudh Hindi might make it intricate for kids to comprehend. It gets tricky, at times, even for grown-ups. The animation is striking, but why this need for 3D?

Amongst the actors who have lent their voice for the on-screen characters, Om Puri's voiceover for Kans is most appropriate and effective. Juhi Chawla [Mother Yashoda] and Prachi Save [Krishna] are perfect. A number of prominent actors have also lent their voice.

On the whole, KRISHNA AUR KANS could've been a fascinating interpretation of a much-loved mythological. However, it turns out to be a strictly okay watch!

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