3 Good


I wasn't sure on what to expect with this film when it first came out. It looked like it could do well considering it has Anurag Basu directing it who has done so well with Gangster and Life in a Metro , and the box office hit Hrithik Roshan, backed by his dad Rakesh Roshan. Once I saw more and more of the trailers I realised that the film wouldn't do well purely because it has too much of an international feel to it, and these types of films generally flop in India. As I thought, this occurred, and it did badly in India but well overseas. Hrithik's acting was top notch as always, but it is the story that lacks depth and that failure should go to the directors and script writers. Overall it's a film that can be watched once, but it would be a struggle to watch it twice or thrice purely because of the lack of content in the script.