3 Good


Kites Has A Huge Baggage Of Expectations.Mostly Because It's A Hrithik Roshan Movie.It Also Stars Mexican Beuaty Barbara Mori.Will Kited Meet Those Expectations??Kites Has The Same Old Story That Bollywood Have Seen End Number Of Times.But The Screenplay Can Re-Invent The Story And Make A Movie Watchable.But Unfortunately In The Case Of KITES,Both The Story And The Screenplay Are Weak.
Though The Film Has Its Moments,They Are Very FEW.
The First Half Is Full Of High's And Low's.The 2ND Half Is Quite Stretched.The Climax Could Have Been Better.Dialouges Are Okay.Background Score Is Decent.Music Is Of Average Quality.'Zindagi' Is The Best Track.Hrithik's Dance In The 'FIRE' Track IS Truly Amazing.Action Is First-Rate.
Cinematography Is Thunderous.The Locales Are Beautifull.Diretion By Anurag Basu Is Not Upto The
Mark.this Is His Weakest Work So Far.Hrithik Roshan Is The Soul Of Kites.The Actor Delivers A Splendid Performance.Barbara Mori Is Exceptional.
She Acts With Panache.She Also Looks Elegant.
The Chemistry Between Hrithik And Barbara Keeps The Movie Alive.Nicholas Brown Does A Good Job.
Kangana Ranaut Doesnt Get Much Scope.She Is Good In Her Scene's.Kabir Bedi Is Natural.Anand Tiwari Is Decent.Yuri Suri Is First-Rate.Overall,KITES Is Just Body Beautifull Minus Soul,But Still it Works To An Extent Just Because Of Hrithik And Barbara.