2.5 Good


The track aafreen is quite boring. It is annoying to hear Himesh voice in this one. It is no NFAK afreen which obviously is thousand times better. The song is very slow and sure to put you to sleep. It can be played in Indian restaurant in Ottawa. That is the only time you’ll enjoy the song while eating hot Indian food. Next, the title track kaajra re by Sunidhi who always manages to sing well does a good job in this number. However, she still has more potential than this and as a result she disappoint. And the English at the beginning makes it pathetic. This is another disappointing number especially considering at it is the first track and also the title track so it should have more appeal. However, it gets better when himesh starts crooning “na mein jaaga na mein soya”. What happened to Himesh? He used to good. Yes, his song used to be annoying also but it was never this bad. I really wish he would drop the nasal a bit in at least some songs. It just doesn’t have the same appeal anymore.
Next up, we have the party remix, which I assumed will be much better. But it starts off with repatriation of Kajra kajra and the track is just fact paced. So much for party remix. Another disappointing track. AT least this one wakes you up. Sunidhi is definitely wasted on this one. Try harder next time Himesh.
Rabba Luck Barsa seems like the saving grace as it begins with “oh”. It would be the only best track on the soundtrack. It has some dialogue delivery which enhances the track. Himesh is all on his own in this track and he owns it when he starts singing “Mahiya se deedar kara de raaba luck barsa”. Amazing. Quite different. This song is what the soundtrack was missing when I started listening to this album. Watch this song take off and be played on radio and enter the top 10 charts. If it doesn’t then I’ll be disappointed. The lyrics is quite effective by none other Sameer who I’m sure can do much better given that he did lyrics for KKHH. The “oh oh” actually reminds me a lot of an old Indian song from Raj Kapoors film. Plagiarism much?
The party remix for rabba does what it must as party remix song. It is okay nothing expectional as it adds nothing more to songs. Enjoy it as it still good enough to be played in clubs.

His earlier albums and composition for soundtracks are much bettter such as his first solo album tera suroor and aashiq banaya and many more.