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Music release of a Himesh Reshammiya album is an event. Gone are the days when he had an album releasing practically every month. All of this changed after he made his debut as an actor in Aap Kaa Surroor. After that he started creating music only for those films where he was also playing an actor, as a result of which the only new music albums of his that have released are Karzzzz and Radio. Whatever the fate of these films, the fact remains that both of these have boasted of a fantastic score. With Sameer joining hands with Reshammiya once again, one expects another musical extravaganza, especially with seven unique songs making Kajraare a grand affair.


A classy beginning by Sunidhi Chauhan followed by some addictive beats ensure that the title track 'Kajra Kajra Kajraare' would have a lot going for it throughout it's near 5 minute duration. Though there is a slight distraction that comes in with the club feel imparted due to a female vocal coming out of nowhere, it is the arrival of Himesh Reshammiya behind the mike which totally changes the direction of the song. He does what he is best at, i.e. going full throated for this love song which is attached to the roots and has a definite Indian feel to it. A chartbuster in the making, it may take a couple of hearings for it's sound to be grasped. However, once that happens, it is one long party, what with a 'Party Mix' following a while later.

However, it takes much more than just a couple of listenings to get a hang of 'Rabba Luck Barsa' which is a Himesh Reshammiya solo. The lyrics too are truly unique and though some may scoff at them, the fact is that for Reshammiya fan base, 'Rabba Luck Barsa' brings in just what they would have expected from the album. Yet another love song which is about the protagonist praying to God to get some luck raining in his favour so that he can be united with his beloved again, 'Rabba Luck Barsa' is yet another winner, especially in the 'Party Mix' version which brings in a new dimension to the song.

After a couple of beats based numbers, there is some 'thehraav' that comes in, courtesy 'Aafreen'. For those who have loved Himesh Reshammiya belonging to 'Ahista Ahista' zone, this is the one for them. Sung in high pitch again, 'Aafreen' with Harshdeep Kaur as the female vocalist has minimal instruments in the background and is totally Indian in appeal. A soothing track where Reshammiya excels both as a composer and singer, 'Aafreen' only makes one exclaim that he is too good to be wasting his talent by picking up projects so sparsely. Really, he deserves to be composing much more than he is doing currently and while it is always good to expect quality outings like this from him, a little more quantity would only help the cause.

Reshammiya brings a folk base to 'Tujhe Dekh Ke Armaan Jaage' which starts off quite slowly, though managing to keep the listener's attention on. However, as the song enters into it's second minute, the beats come in which bring in an added flavour to this love song. Yet another easy on ears number that hooks on to you in quick time, 'Tujhe Dekh Ke Armaan Jaage' sees a new dimension coming to it once Shreya Ghoshal joins in. With each of the four songs managing to make an impression so far, one only hopes and keeps fingers crossed to have the remaining three tracks bring in similar results as well.

The beginning of 'Teriyan Meriyan' promise yet another song belonging to the mood of 'Ahista Ahista'. A slow start makes one look forward to what Himesh has to offer in the song to follow and the wait is worth it once he comes behind the mike. Yet another out and out Indian song, it has some new lyrics to it which again could be a reason for a few to scoff at. Also, Reshammiya stresses his vocals a lot during his stint behind the mike. However, his fan base won't be disappointed as this one is again made especially for them.

What should work across segments of audience, with or without a fan base, is 'Woh Lamha Phir Se Jeena Hai'. One wonders how this song didn't quite make it to the top of the album because this one has a class similar to that of 'Tanhaiyaan' [Aap Kaa Surroor]. Boasting of some good musical arrangements, emotional lyrics and some spirited singing by Reshammiya and Harshdeep Kaur , 'Woh Lamha Phir Se Jeena Hai' is about revisiting the times gone by and reliving the glorious moments all over again. This has a potential to go all the way if supported by some strong dramatic visuals. No wonder, the song appears in a deserving 'Party Mix' version.

Last to come is 'Sanu Guzara Zamana' which is yet another truly Indian song in the album. A duet by Himesh Reshammiya and Sunidhi Chauhan, this song is yet another take on the good times shared by the couple which was once pretty much in love. With a touch of Punjabi to it, 'Sanu Guzara Zamana' has a 'ghazal' setting and allows the listener to enjoy yet another track which has in it to be popular in days to come. The 'Lounge Mix' only adds on to the strength of this album which can go all the distance if promoted to the fullest.


Kajraare justifies the faith that one had in Reshammiya as a composer (as well as a singer). A complete affair, Kajraare gives a listener a lot to chew upon and Reshammiya ensures that there is a mix of class and mass in the seven songs. Since his last two films haven't done well, the entire perception about him as a total performer has been challenged in the last couple of years. However, there may just be a surprise in store if the film turns out to be as good as the music here. With audience being exposed to newer music during last couple of years, there is a bit of ground that Reshammiya may have to cover all over again. However, once audience give Kajraare a hearing, it should be back to old times for Reshammiya with the music scaling heights all over again.


'Kajra Kajra Kajraare', 'Rabba Luck Barsa', 'Woh Lamha Phir Se Jeena Hai', 'Aafreen'

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