2.5 Good

Kahaani was an amazing movie with beautiful direction, writing, and performances. I would personally believe that Sujoy Ghosh's only achievement was this film as his other films like Jhankaar Beats and Aladin were flops out of the ordinary. When I heard that Kahaani was making a sequel, I was quite excited especially with the fantastic trailer they put up with some few good songs but honestly this film is an absolute disappointment.

The performances in the movie were okay. Vidya Balan was average in her performance. Honestly, she kept the movie engaging during the 1st half but 2nd half proved that she couldn't leave her comfort zone like passing out without the guts to wake up.

If Rock On 2 wasn't bad enough, it made me realize how much of a blabber king Arjun Rampal was in that movie. His role as a cop in Kahaani 2 was below average because he acts like John Abraham with the same humor and with the same muscles.

Jugal Hansraj was joyous in Mohabbatein and it was good to see him after a long time but his acting has become a bit rough and mono- tonal even in this movie with the deep voice and etc.

The story and screenplay were above average. When it comes to writing suspenseful stories, it is important to understand the suspense but Sujoy Ghosh failed in the aspect and wasn't able to deliver the suspense that I was expecting which compromised the climax. The climax and 2nd half just kept me to the top of my seat rather than the edge of my seat which only happened during the 1st half.

The direction and editing were pretty decent as well as the cinematography. Very crisp and consistent which kept the movie's flow a little better.

Overall, this movie is just about an average movie with mediocre writing only making the 1st half of the movie engaging but with a mediocre climax which is why Kahaani 2 is worth a one-time watch but for money savers, I would recommend it on a TV broadcast.

Sujoy Ghosh- keep in mind that this review is for your own good.

2.5/5- Bollywood is just not ready for sequels.