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I Love Desi Music Review



There is practically no expectation from the music of I Love Desi since there has been no awareness around it created so far. The film releases towards the end of the month and the music has less than a fortnight to register its presence. Though Sharib & Toshi along with Kumaar are the known names attached as composers and lyricist respectively with Sham Balkar also chipping in, one wonders what is in store.


First to arrive is a routine 'bhangra' dance track that has a heard-before sound. Even the core lyrics, 'Beauty Da Phool', don't quite make you jump with joy and even though the pace is just fine and the singing spirited (Toshi Sabri), the end result is hardly the kind that registers its presence despite repeat hearing.

Next to arrive is 'Dil Ka Baje Ektara' which is on the same lines as dozens of songs that Arijit Singh and Ankit Tiwari are heard singing today. Hence, you don't really mind what plays. The song has an unmistakable Sharib-Toshi stamp to it and instantly reminds one of their 'Maahi' [Raaz - The Mystery Continues]. That was a solid chartbuster and it is a pity that not many would know about Sharib Sabri's version of 'Dil Ka Baje Ektara' due to lack of time for it to register a strong presence. He gets good support from Anvesha as a back-up vocalist and delivers the best song of the album.

With Rahat Fateh Ali Khan as a singer, you expect 'Dheere Dheere Kam Hogi Udaasi' to leave a mark. However, just as has been the case with some of the last few songs that the singer has delivered, and has failed to leave much of an impact, even 'Dheere Dheere' follows suit. A sad number that is actually kick-started by Jaspinder Narula, it is an ordinary track which has some decent singing involved but is let down by barely passable tune and arrangements. Skip it and you won't regret it.

The next song has reputed singers in the form of Mika Singh and Sunidhi Chauhan. The two are also the best bet for a celebratory number with Holi as the occasion. However, somehow both of them hold back their enthusiasm and the end result is barely passable. In fact the chorus is pretty old fashioned and if the intent was to bring on old world charm, the outcome isn't really satisfactory. Though lyrics here are interesting - 'Color Zindagi Hai' - the song as a whole doesn't quite come across as colorful. Still, it may manage to infuse some energy during its play on screen.

Last to arrive is 'Dooriyan' which, as the title suggests, is a sad song which typically arrives in the second half of the film (and invariably ends up dipping the pace of the narrative). So Javed Ali, Mahalaxmi Iyer and Sonu Kakkar come together for the song which is as cliched as it gets and also becomes boring within first one minute of its playing time.


I Love Desi is a forgettable soundtrack and ironically there is no title song in there either. The one that you wish to play on a repeat mode though is 'Dil Ka Baje Ektara'.


'Dil Ka Baje Ektara'

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