4 Very Good

Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Shah Rukh Khan! Being a hardcore fan I must say he excels in every manner... His actions scenes, hilarious one liners and charming looks will keep one entertained...
Deepika has once again shown her versatility... Kudos! Boman, Abhishek, Sonu and Vivaan performed very well... Their comic timings were excellent... All the actors complemented each other very well.

Storyline - to keep it short this is a "Typical Farah Khan Entertainer"... There is a complete package of romance, action, comedy, songs, dances, emotion in 3 hours.
Probably the only weak point would be the length of the movie.

Music - Once again Vishal and Shekhar prove that they are one of the best in the music industry... Personal favorites : Lovely