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Happy New Year

Recently Pakistani superstar Shaan said in an interview that Bollywood biggie Happy New Year (HNY) is “Ocean Twelve rip off”. To some extent he is right but the same time SRK’s new release is nothing short of to be called as TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT. Every film carries some loopholes and HNY is no different. With its very senile and lethargic script HNY still offers good package of laughter and entertainment.
I still remember the day I when entered the cinema hall to watch Chennai Express last year, I had very negative frame of mind but came out loving it. I have experienced the same thing with HNY. With its unnecessarily lavishing, overrated and over-repeated concept I could not expect novelty from SRK’s new movie but some hilarious performances and very funny situation forced me to think otherwise. HNY proves if foolishness is done with sheer part of intelligence than final product can give sense of merriment and an utter entertainment.