3 Good

God Tussi Great Ho

It was obvious from the trailors that God tussi great ho is a copy of Bruce Almighty which I had seen a couple of times. I went for this movie only because I had nothing else to do. I guess my low expectations is one of the reasons I enjoyed watching this movie.

After a long time I really liked Salman Khan. He is adorable even while giving the most idiotic expressions. But he should fire his dress designer. Priyanka Chopra is just okay. Amitabh Bachchan is Amitabh Bachchan, nobody could have played this role better. Sohail Khan is very good. He should get more comic roles. Anupam Kher is fantastic as Salman’s sarcastic father. You can’t stop laughing whenever he is on screen. The lady who plays Salman’s mother is very natural. The supporting cast is also competent.

Rumi Jaffrey is not bad as a first time director. Its not easy to take a crazy idea and present it convincingly. Its just that I felt some of the scenes could have had more punch. The influence of David Dhawan is clearly present in his direction.

The special effects are good but the production values are shoddy. The sets, costumes, overall look of the movie is tacky. Music is below-average, so is the choreography. Dialogues are good.

I found it an entertaining movie. The main reasons - Salman Khan, good humour throughout the movie and good actors elevating average scenes. The message that ’God knows best’ is well presented. Kehte hain nakal ke liye bhi akal chahiye. Bruce Almighty has been copied as per Indian sensibilities and its not a bad job.