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God Tussi Great Ho Movie Review

God Tussi Great Ho Movie Rating

When it comes to escapist cinema, a gifted writer can make his imagination run really wild. Think of a crazy story, come up with outrageous and zany

situations, rope in actors who'd look believable in those parts... hey presto, a crazy potboiler is ready to be served.

Rumy Jafry, who has penned some crazy comedies in the past, does just that. He borrows [partly] from BRUCE ALMIGHTY, also [partly] from YEHI HAI ZINDAGI

[Sanjeev Kumar] and [partly] uses his imagination to come up with GOD TUSSI GREAT HO. But this khichdi isn't as delicious as one expects it to be.

First, the plusses!

GOD TUSSI GREAT HO has some really interesting moments. At least two sequences -- [i] When a dejected Salman throws the taveez in the air, the

taveez reaches God, later God appears in human form and [ii] Salman invents a chair that acts as a lie detector and teaches Sohail Khan a lesson --

are pure magic in terms of writing, in terms of execution, in terms of performance.

Another ace is Salman Khan. The boyish appeal, the mischievous look, the loud-but-lovable act just cannot be overlooked.

But GOD TUSSI GREAT HO isn't as captivating and arresting at times. The potential to come up with an energetic second half are immense in a film like this,

but Rumy Jafry's writing is plain mediocre. Besides, the second hour is lengthy, it gets tedious ['Lal Chunariya' song should be deleted right away]. Also,

the pre-climax and climax don't sweep you off your feet.

In a nutshell, GOD TUSSI GREAT HO does appeal, but in bits and spurts. Not in totality. An average experience!

At the end of the worst day in his life, Arun [Salman Khan] angrily rages against God for making his life miserable. To his astonishment, God [Amitabh

Bachchan] appears before him in human form and endowing Arun with all of His divine powers, challenges Arun to take on the big job and see if he can do it

any better.

Arun responds to his newfound powers with childlike zeal and sets off making one decision after another. The love of his life Alia [Priyanka Chopra] is

astonished at the 'new' decisive and confident Arun. He thinks he can make the world a happy place by granting everybody their wishes.

But to his horror, this results in unprecedented mayhem. Ultimately, Arun realises that he is only human, and being God is tougher than he thought.

Rumy Jafry has penned several solid entertainers for David Dhawan and the formula looms large all through GOD TUSSI GREAT HO. Rumy rides on myths and comedy

to get it right and it really works at times. However, after a point, the writing doesn't spring any surprises. You know exactly what's in store next and

that's what bogs the film down.

In terms of impact, the best portions are between Bachchan and Salman, between Salman and Anupam Kher and between Salman and Rajpal Yadav. These tracks

charge up the scenario. But how one misses a meatier script in the second hour.

Directorially, Rumy Jafry's work gets easier thanks to the presence of seasoned actors. But he needs to polish his skills as far as technique is concerned.

The film could've been stylishly shot. Sajid-Wajid's music is strictly okay. However, the picturisation of songs camouflages the deficiency. Ashok Mehta's

cinematography is perfect. The production design/making could've been grand, given the presence of such powerful names in the cast. Special effects lack


As always, Amitabh Bachchan is competent. But GOD TUSSI GREAT HO belongs to Salman Khan, who seems to be in form this time. Priyanka doesn't match Salman's

enthusiasm. Also, why is her look so inconsistent in the film? Sohail Khan is alright.

Anupam Kher is fantastic. Bina Kak is fair. Rukhsaar doesn't get much scope. Rajpal Yadav provides a few laughs. Dalip Tahil is as usual. Upasna Singh is

getting typecast. Ditto for Sanjay Mishra.

On the whole, GOD TUSSI GREAT HO is average in merits, providing a few laughs intermittently. At the box-office, the holiday weekend should benefit the film.

But beyond the weekend, the journey could be uneven. However, single screens should fare better in the Hindi belt.

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