4.5 Excellent

I went to watch movie only because of salman factor...
becuase of promos of movie was not good, i didint expected too much from this movie..
and no one was ready to come with me. so my frnds went for bachana ye hasseno. and i alone watched GOD TUSSI GRT HO.

as movie was running slowly-slowly, I m bit surprised..
what a comedy yaar...excellent..
salman was as usual with grt comic timimg.
sohail was at his best. i think he is underated star.
wat to say abt amitabh? no doubt.
chemistry betn salman and anupem was too grt.
rajpal was too funny.
priyanka was ok.. not at her best..
but still lovable.

now come to story part..
as averyone knows it's a copy of 'BRUCE ALMIGHTY'
but one advantage wit me that i didnt watch it.
so it was new story for me.
i m impressd wit story line.
message from the movie is very good..
i couldnt stop my laughing....

still i m laughing..
it's a grt family entertainer..
everyone should have to watch this movie wit his family...

and i was too lucky that i didnt go for bachana ye hasseno wit my frnds...
and after hearing my response my frnds r goin 2 mrw to watch this movie..