3.5 Very Good

well, we first got to hear the name of gandhiji's son harilal in lage raho munnabhai in its quiz about bapu.till then 90% of people didnt knew about him. now with this movie not only we get to know about him, but also about his strainous relationship with his faher.
one thing for sure,this movie isnt for masses but for classes coz only 50% people appeared on the first day of its release and 50% of those present disappered in th interval.
To make a historical movie is tougher than making history,and if u r making a movie on lesser known people like harilal then the makers has to pass themselves through uncountable websites and libraries.
And the director has done every bit to make this movie a class.
Dont go to the theatre hoping to get a dose of freedom struggle,coz this movie is strictly based on son's struggle to make an identity of his own; with a background of freedom movement.
Strongly recommended if u can digest a good classical movie.