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One doesn't carry much idea around a film titled Future To Bright Hai Ji in the making. It arrives out of nowhere and though there are some decent names involved (Amir Bashir, Sonal Sehgal), there hasn't been much spoken or written about the film. Meanwhile, one wonders what the music too would offer, what with Naresh Paresh, Aamir Ali and Mohinderjit Singh coming up with a song or two apiece and various people sharing credits for the lyrics.


It is a quick three minutes beginning for the album with Neeraj Shridhar taking charge with the title song 'Future To Bright Hai'. Naresh-Paresh is the composer duo for the song which is written by Sonal Sehgal herself. She brings in some peppy elements to this song which does bring to fore the theme of the film. The song too is fairly well paced and should do well as a part of the background score for a situational outing.

Aamir Ali is the composer for 'Akhiyan Nu Rehn' which has Kamaal Khan starting with an 'alaap' that is followed by a rendition which is filled with pathos. A love song that reminds one of 'Tujhe Bhula Diya' [Anjaana Anjaani], this Rahat Kazmi written track is actually a good outing and mandates a repeat hearing for sure. Slow paced, well arranged or overall decently presented, 'Akhiyan Nu Rehn' is repeated, this time in the vocals of Aamir himself. Just like Kamaal, he too does well and carries a boyish charm in his voice. This composition is a pleasant surprise indeed despite a brief hint of 'Haal-E-Dil' [Murder 2] in it.

However same can't be said for 'Tum Mere Saath Ho' which doesn't quite work despite seasoned singers like Sunidhi Chauhan and Shaan at the helm of affairs. The culprit here is the core tune by Mohinderjit Singh which is absolutely unoriginal and uninspiring. It's a pity since the song is totally stuck in a time warp with Pramod Kush's lyrics not helping the cause either. With the arrangements not quite impressive either, this one is a downer.

Mohinderjit Singh is the only composer in the album to get as many as two opportunities but the way he goes about composing another of the title songs in the film, 'Future To Bright Hai Ji', it makes one wonder whether this was a song made by a college student for an annual function event! It is so average that it ends up making one wonder what was Roop Kumar Rathod doing in this Ravi Chopra composition which also features Gaurav Bangiya's voice. In fact while the 'mukhda' was boring, 'antara' takes the song all the more down.


The album is pretty much as per expectations which means not much is really in the offering. However the silver lining is the solitary track 'Akhiyan Nu Rehn' which deserved a better platform.


Akhiyan Nu Rehn

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