4 Very Good

Fashion…,,.movie worth a watch ..Kudos to madhur bhandarkar who continues the good job . Fashion starts on a bit slow note for about first 20mins..But then slowly it gets on you.., one is always in a hunt of fact that what next..?? Story is about a Chandigarh girl (priyanka) who is very ambitious to become a super model n in that pretext comes to Mumbai.., given an opportunity embrace it with both hands….becomes a top model and more to a hooligan. And then her downfall start thanks to her bellicose nature..blowed down by her infidelites..she suffers a mental shock n then her rise to haute couture in Paris..(To portray a happy ending which is a tradition in bollywood ) priyanka seems to have lost too much of a weight.. and fails to leave a long lasting impact..albiet character which she portrays is very strong..mugda is good in fact gorgeous,. but hold on..the real showstopper for the ramp n for the movie is kangna ranaut…she really steals the show n one memory which you really gonna take with you is her cat walk….it’s awesome..sumthing never seen before.Music is very good ..great job by saleem sulieman..it entertains you n entangles all through the movie n even after that.Movie dawdle a bit in final half n hour..u get the feeling that it could have been 15 mins lessen it’s total time length ..madhur could have done a better job..going by his standards .well in a nutshell good movie excellent music deserves a watch …GO FOR IT ..!!!!