4.5 Excellent

Brilliant. With all the cr*p being churned out in the name of entertainment today (Golmaal, Singh is Kinng, Welcome and the rest), Fashion comes like a breath of fresh air. Yes the story is predictable but the fact that it grabs your attention for 2.5 hours is worth the price of the ticket alone. Bhandarkar has made a gritty, absorbing drama about the rise and fall of a small town model and her trials and tribulations in between. The movie is well shot, brilliantly executed and has some awesome music and performances making it one of the best films this far. Ridiculed for the number of flops that she's delievered this year, what people fail to notice is that even in a bad film she's been good. Love Story 2050 was dreadful, but Priyanka was good. Drona s*cked. But Priyanka was good. And all these films had no author backed roled for her. Fashion however is her film and will pull through entirely on her shoulders. As Meghna Mathur, the small town girl turned super b**ch and later reformed Chopra shines like never before. Suffice to say she is set to sweep all the awards this year. Comparitively Kangana has a uni-dimensional role - she is good but we've seen the deranged psycho act before. Mughda Gose is brilliant in her debut and the rest of the cast come out trumps too. Arjan Bawja and surpisingly Arbaaz Khan stand out. Don't miss it.