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Dhruv Ghanekar!!!!! Who? Even I was confused when I heard his name for the first time but when I looked for him I was shocked to know that he is an immensely endowed guitarist and was earlier with "Chakravyuh", the band featured in Rock On and also a part of the composer duo Ashu-Dhruv who composed music for movies like Khosla Ka Ghosla, Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar, Broken Thread, White Noise and Bombay Boys and duo is also known for Blue Frog (to know more check http://bluefrog.co.in/cms/home.html) which promotes niche and non-mainstream music.
Besides, Dhruv use to compose jingles under the label of Smoke Music and now with DRONA, he is making his debut as a sovereign composer. Drona, a much awaited socio-fantasy-adventure-mythological-action movie featuring AB ka baby oopss Abhishek Bachchan as a superhero, Priyanka Chopara as his love interest and Jaya Bachchan. Drona is directed by Goldie Behl (dreary Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai Fame) and movie is set to release on October 2nd. Lyrics of the movie are by a newbie Vaibhav Modi. Here is my take of the music.

1. Drona: Album starts with the track Drona crooned by Dhruv himself in his husky baritone and suits the theme of the movie. His voice is a sort of amalgamation of two great singers Lucky Ali and Adnan. Besides lending his voice to this stylish-groovy-catchy anthem he also worked on the guitar for this track. This song is about the larger-than-life character of Drona and how he will save the earth. It should be the background title track that will keep on coming through out the movie. The music arrangement of song is appealing one with a lot of attractive reverberations, ups and downs, loops and sound effects, specially the use of chores and sunidhi who keep on humming drona drona which mix very well with the lead singer.
"Kahin door sehra ke saaye mein, Machla tha koi toofan.
Aur ek maseeha ke aane ka,Likh ke gaya elaan, Drona."
In spite of having mundane lyrics, this song is worth hearing because of Dhruv’s peculiar voice and finicky musical arrangements specially the use of guitar where he proves his mettle aptly.

Drona REDUX: In this track the singers changed their positions and finally Sunidhi got hold of centre mike and Dhruv takes a backseat giving his voice to Drona Drona only. This track can also be classified as a remix track due to disc beats attached with the song. Though sunidhi did an OK job but some how the earlier version sounds superior because of the invigorating and calm touch of Dhruv’s voice.

2.Oop Oop cha: Next track is Oop Oop Cha. The starting of the song is quite attractive where Dhruv used very interesting instruments with lots of metallic sounds and synthesized notes along with flute that give song a pleasant starting and then queen-of-item-numbers Sunidhi holds the center stage for this dance number along with Nandini Srikar. The USP of this track is an interesting orchestra arrangement that give the song needed thump with the use of metallic flute tone and African-calypso-rap repercussion. But but but here comes the culprit…the ordinary proletarian lyrics that destroy the charm of this techno-friendly-dance-track. But one thing is true that Priyanka is looking HOT!!!!! and that would be the only attraction that can save the song otherwise it would be a listen and forget song.

Fair Play mix: this song is same as the older one with additional rap by Bob Omulo and with more electronic sounds but the output is same……. “DUHH”

3.Bandagi: After trying his hand on western instruments and metallic flutes, Dhruv tried soft sitar and tabla reverberation in this sweet-romantic-love-ballad “Bandagi”. This semi-classical-romantic track is crooned by Sunidhi (at very low pitch) and Roop Kumar Rathod. The best thing about the song is minimal use of keyboards and signing taking the lead. Even the lyrics of this track are apt. Roop Kumar Rathod’s proves his mettle through high quality singing and gives his best to this track. Use of flute, sitar, jaltarang, and tabla along with the background alaap gives edge to this song and make it feel-good-to-ear type of song. This song will be a treat for the lovers of soft music.
“Pal chin Pal chin Uljhi Uljhi ek raina Dhadkan dhadkan bhikhre bikhre se chaina
Milon chali hai gum si ye khamoshiKitna bhi samjhaun mann ye mane ne
Teri bandagi…Jeene na jeene na de teri bandagi”

4.Nanhe Nanhe: Next track “Nanhe nanhe” is a tranquil and pleasant lori in sugary vocals of an ultra mellifluous Sadhana Sargam along with Nandini Srikar. Sadhana’s control over her vocal is amazing and in song she sounds like Lata in’Ek Tu Hi Bharosa’ at places because of the alaaps and beautiful change in the pitch. This is going to be one of the best Lori of present time due to superb lyrics and use of sweet-sounding metaphors which gives it a distinct identity. Dhruv has brilliantly fused Indian raags with western instrument. The best part of the song is the excellent use of the flute at the concluding part. Loved it
“Nanhe nanhe taron jaise naina, taron jaise pyaare pyaare naina
nainano me chupa ke rakhe, meethe sapne
sapno ka shor meeche, to jo pakon ke neeche
sapne churain tere chaina, Nanhe nanhe taron jaise naina”

5. Khushi: The last track of album is Khushi which is a Jazz track crooned by Shaan along with ample support from Suzzane D’mello, Francois Castellino, Dean and Sunaina Gupta. This is a conversation-type-masti with lovely use of saxophone, trumpet and drums. This song will surely remind you of title track of “Jaane tu ya jaane na” but this track does not have that appeal in it and somehow Shaan’s voice is not suiting this song. Lyrics of the song are on philosophical side as
"Raat aur hum saath mein Ro liye Has diye. Aur gunguna ne lage."

My verdict: What I thought about the music of DRONA is that it would be GRAND but what I heard is interesting but not Grand. Few of the songs are good and they will find their audience. The most important thing I observed that each track of drona has two singers a lead singer and a backing one (who is more prominent than the chorus singer) and this really add the charm to the song, be it alaap of Sunidi in the title track or Nandini Srikar supporting Sadhana Sargam. Besides, I can also feel the touch of A R Rehmaan on the music of DRONA specially in Nanahe and Khushi. So due to the unconventional music arrangement and score Drona sounds different from the league but still fails to make its impact.