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The music of yet another fantasy flick Drona is out in the stores now with just 20 odd days left before the release of the film . Drona as I said in my earlier posts is a testing film forAbhishek and his star power . The film’s music has been done by Dhruv Ghanekar who has done a decent job as a newbie . The Lyrics are by Vaibhav Modi . The movie has put on stake a lot of money and work since it has been into making since past few years . The soundtrack consists of Seven songs in total out of which Five are originals and Two being the remixes .

The first track on the album is the title track which has been mainly sung by Dhruv . This track is a fast paced track that kinda gives an introduction of Drona . The lyrics are very mediocre and even the basic tune is just good . The overall music is good but it has no newness to it . The tune is good but not good enough for a title track . This matters more since this song would feature in the background in several important scenes in the film .In my opinion there should not have been a Title track instead they should have kept some theme music . The song has a nice pacy nature to it and I hope even the movie has so . It should not be a Fantasy cum Melodrama . Overall the song is nice but could have been much better . The singers have not given much to the track and its music only does most of the job .

The next track on the album is “Oop Cha” which is on air these days . The song is a techno friendly one but the lyrics and music are very old sounding . This one sounds like those strange South-Indian songs which have even stranger videos . The lyrics are very amateur and have actually done no good to the song . The oop cha goes well with the tune but the tune itself is not that great . These kind of songs look good in the film but are not meant for listening purposes . Still it can be heard once . Sunidhi , a sincere request , please stop singing such songs !!! You have much more talent than this . Why waste it on such songs ? Let new girls sing such songs . You can find typical Sunidhi in this one and even she does her job like always .

The third song on the soundtrack is “Bandagi” which is a little better than the previous two in terms of both lyrical content and music . The vocals on this one are also bySunidhi and these are the type of tracks that she should now focus on . She sounds really good in this one as compared to the previous track . But theSunidhi of “Bhaage Re Mann” of Chameli was still missing . This track is more on the slower classical side and also has vocals by Roop Kumar Rathod who sings quite well . The song has been composed in an interesting fashion by the composer and has given it quite a modern classical kinda feeling . Overall this is the pick from the entire album .

The next track is “Nanhe Nanhe” by Sadhna Sargam which is a very slow track . This track makes me believe that this film would have a melodramatic angle and the last thing that I would want to watch is a Masala-Fantasy film . I just hope that even if there are some emotional scenes they are not done in typical old style and are put in a nice way . The song has been sung nicely by Sadhna Sargam and has a nice tune also . Overall again it is a nice but can be avoided kind of song . Would sense more in the film along with some situation .

The last track on the album “Khushi” sounds like a song straight out from the musicals by Disney . Even some of their Cartoon Films have similar songs . This track also has glimpses ofNanhe Nanhe in it . It is more a of a Jazz Band kind of song that were quite popular in the Hollywood’s Golden Days . Those who love Jazz Bands might like this song a little bit . A poor attempt mainlybecause of the very amateur kind of lyrics . They more sounded like a Hindi Translated version some of English track .

Then come the two remix tracks of the album out of which the Redux of Drona comes first . A very usual kind of Remix which has been sung by Sundhi instead and is almost same as original just with few DJ beats and effects . The last track on the album is a Remix of Oop Cha which is even more techno friendly than the original one . Nothing quite extraordinary about the track .

Overall , the album is nice but has not even a single song that can be called a winner . The song Bandagi is the best on the album but still is an average track . The lyrics are probably the weakest point in the entire album . The album in whole has not much to offer and would work more in the film rather than on its own . All the songs are just about average tracks with same old music .