1 Poor

Dil Dhadakne Do

What has happened to Bollywood. It used to be better than this. Every day I wake up with this hope that one day Bollywood would become what it used to be but I am not sure of it anymore, and I don't think that would happen in the near future. We hardly get 4-5 good movies in a year.

I am a fan of Zoya Akhtar. I loved ZNMD and was eagerly waiting for this film as she is one of the few directors in India who can make good films. First Anurag Kashyap and now Zoya Akhtar has disappointed me.

This is a crappy film. It does not know what to do with itself. There are way to many unnecessary characters and subplots. The music is awful and the lyrics are out of the world. The songs do not fit the storyline well. I won't waste my time by writing a detailed review. Stay away from this film.