3 Good

Dil Dhadakne Do

After ZNMD everyone expected (including me) a GREAT movie, Again from Zoya Akhtar. But actually it's not even close to it. yet The film is good overall. Comparison between these two seems a disrespect to ZNMD as ZNMD seems to be at the hole another level.

Anil Kapoor and Shefali Shetty played the role brilliantly and are one of the strongest part of the film. Ranveer stands out the best. There's dog named Pluto in the film that's the biggest surprise in the film. Priyanka is good. Farhan,Anushka and Rahul Bose these too are good but their screen presence is less.These 3 seems to be in cameo rather than the lead. lead. Don't be fooled by the trailer.The 4 Mehra's are the only lead in the Film. Rest of the cast is alright and well characterized.

Raveer And Priyanka's Brother-sister chemistry is too good and is excellently executed. Ranveer and Anushka's chemistry, and Anil Kapoor's and Shefali Shetty's chemistry is also good. Weak Part of the film is it's plot and it's music. The plot of the film has nothing much to offer. But the Directoin and Screenplay doesn't let you feel it. But music except "Gallan Goodiyan" and "Pehli Baar" no other song was good. Ranveer,Shefali, and Anil saves every bit of the Film by their energy and skills.

Worst part of the film was the Best Part of ZNMD. The End was worst part of the 2hr 51mins movie. It seems the end was totally incomplete.

I had a whole lot of expectations from it and I thought it'd be another EPIC but i was disappointed and Due to which i lost the track and appreciation of the film and it's content, what it has to offer. In my opinion don't expect much.Maybe you'll love it then.