0.5 Poor

Dhoom 2

HI all users i am sorry to say that i expected much from D-2 but i was shocked to see that the movie was a total flop. There is nothing new. I expected hirthik's come back will hit but that also flopped coz the director din't gave him the real style though he is the best. As john was really missing thought that Hirthik would cover instead Abhishekh was ROCKING coz his presence in the film was terrific. This film if for Abhi and Aish. Uday is a waste not needed. Bips is excellent as usuall. First half is totally useless and the 2nd half did have love sentiments but then the MAGIC of HIRTHIK goes out and then there is no excitment in the film. Bikes have not been shown well only 2 scenes nothing more. All have expected a huge entertainment but has ruined everything. Also the songs are few so nothing new. I m totally dissappointed. i was eagerly waiting for this film but its a TOTAL FLOP. D-2 could have been a hit if HIRTHIK's role was well created. its like cut and paste in the film. NOTHING NEW, NO EXICTMENT. Only +point was Aish looks but then the movie is a total failure. Even in D-1 there was no story but there was a lot of thrill, music, bikes, styles,and the climax was also good so it succeded. Here the -ve point john's absence,no excitment,few songs,no exciting bike scenes, no story. So guys just see this movie only for 1 time its not also time pass buddies, A DISSAPOINTING MOVIE for today generation. Hirthik is good but he was not shown as John missing point. Aish looks sexy which is good and new. Director has not done his homework coz the stunts, the styles are all useless becz there is no reality its like FOOLING people. Fights were not there all useless. 1st half is totally meaningless 2nd half did has good moments Ash-Hirhik love was good but still the movie has not given what D-1 gave. D-2 is a SUPER FLOOP very soory to say, expectations were high as u all guys agree. Still our directors have not learned lessons from Hollywood. FLOP movie SORRY GUYS lets hope for DHOOM-3 which may get John lucky back in the film and then Dhoom may get Dhoom-3 back as John has his own style. i m waiting for John in Dhoom-3.