4.5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

My Review

Well with a film wid such mammoth expectations one almost tell themselves to be prepared for a let down. Would this be the case?

The theater was basically sold out. from the word go D2 exploded unto the screen. starting off with the train scene which intro hritik perfectly led right into the starting credits which was shown with a song i almost felt like yash chopra was giving the film a james bond intro. hritik looks just fantastic and his dancing is superb as one can expect.

the intro of uday chopra and abhishek is done in style too and itz at this point i realize the film will not always make perfect sense, that is, some action sequences have been inserted that may not be necessary in the situation given. However, this didnt take away from the film the least bit and only the true connoisseur of cinema will feel let down by this slight blemish.

Bipasha intro is just amazing and the way she is walking down the hallway wid her hips swaying in that tight jeans just spells HOT. in the song touch me bipasha is just so sexy and the way she move her hips will get u squirming in ur seat!

uday is obviously the guy who is responsible for the comedy in the film and though his acting isnt spectacular i feel he filled this role well indeed. he does look abit silly without his shirt in excuse me song i almost feel this guy body doesnt match his face. anyways back to the story. after watching a gud technical film like Don i was pleasantly suprised wid a matching technical aspect in the D2 if not better. the way the robberies are carried out and the methods he use make sense.

the intro of Ash is really great as well esp when she unmask herself and pull off her suit DAMN she is fine indeed. infact every single outfit she wore in the film was just so SEXY and in the song crazy kiya re i think her black outfit which look like cat woman or sumthing isnt that nice but the other outfits she don in that song are just awesome.

the cast was intro very nice indeed and the story moves at a fast pace too. at intermission i was quite satisfied wid the film. post interval takes u to brazil where bipasha in bikini and the other outfits is almost insane i was going crazy indeed. shez lookin so fine in this film.

the chemistry of hritik and ash is red hot and is quite evident througout the second half. one of the stand out scenes for me is when they are sitting across each other with the gun. and what followed that caught the whole audience by suprise including myself. everyone was ooohhhh's and aaahhhh's.

one of the best part of the film is the motorbike chase just sheer brilliance and the way hritik turns around on the bike to shoot looks like tom cruise. climax is abit unexpected but this is yash raj film so all is well.

choreography i think was EXCELLENT the dances are just too gud. the background score is also gud. as mentioned earlier the only problem if u can even call it that is some of the unexplained sequences. one in particular when he is dressed as priest at airport and news report said he wasnt leaving. i am not sure why that scene was in there for maybe i missed something in the film.

as far as performances

uday - did gud job wid his assignment in the film. ppl always criticising this dude but i think for what they are asking of him in D2 he delivers.

abhishek - i am not biggesst fan of this guy but i will say he did great job as jai dixit.

hritik - well after watching D2 this film is all about hritik and he delivers yet again. i hear alot of crap about this dude but he has the guds and he delivered in D2 and yes i agree wid him the stunts he did in D2 surpasses those of krissh.

bipasha - smokin hot, like a biker babe she just makes u go wild. her acting i think is very nice and of course the change when she did the brazil part. so gud job.

Ash - well i was thinking about ppl saying does bipasha have a better role than ash in the film i think they have almost equal screen time ash a bit more i feel esp towards the climax. Ash did not disappoint her fans she did the role of hot babe perfectly and even did the emotional scenes well. i really liked her in that outfit she wore at the boat dock lolzz

nice touch showing the song wid the ending credits too ASH is rocking wid hritik in that song!

lots of nice scenes in the film some of which i already mention. some others are

bipasha getting handcuffed and uday entering the room and his panting omg lolzzz and his imagination he made me laugh

uday wid bips in brazil running around like baywatch lolzzz

the sword robbery where u see intro of new character very nice

when hritik jump off the cliff and abhi jumps after him

the fight sequence on top of the train

the chase of hritik on roller blades through mumbai

and many more cant remember all rite now ash and bips are running through ma mind like crazy!

well how about overall rating of the film? well itz hard to rate the film and compare it to others bcoz it is so DIFFERENT from films like kank or rdb or vivah. i will say after vivah, D2 is the next film i will repeat view in theater. very entertaining and the songs i cud watch another 100 times or so ESP TOUCH ME and CRAZY KIYA RE.

gud script, great direction, excellent music, HOT HOT HOT BABES. do u really need another reason to go watch the film?!!