1.5 Average

Dhobi Ghat

I like a good movie. I have sat through the slowest of slow art movies and enjoyed it, even loved it. There are numerous art movies that I have watched more than once. A good story always interests me. But Dhobi Ghat was not interesting. And it is definitely not a good story. For that matter, it is not even a story. Of the four "stories" in the movie, the only one that actually was a story was that of Yasmeen Noor. The snippets of her life that you get through her video diary actually touch you. You can identify with her story. Of the remaining three stories, Pratiek's story makes some sense. As for Shai and Amir's stories, they were not stories! All that Amir does in the movie is change apartments, watch a video and paint a picture. What we learn about him is that he was once married and has a child and that his ex is in Australia. So ok, we know that Amir is a divorced painter. That was established in the first 5 minutes. But where is the story. As for Shai, she is is a banker on a Sabbatical to do a report on the underbelly of Mumbai. And she enjoys spending time with a Dhobi and might even have feelings for this illiterate charmer. And has a tendency to get drunk and have one night stands. And she might be interested in Amir's character romantically and that relationship might have a future. Again facts which are quickly established. But where is the story!!!!

For me, the one thing most important for a movie is that it must have a story. The story may be incomplete, but it must be there. Dhobi ghat does not have a story. It takes 95 minutes to establish some basic facts about 4 characters. And that is it.

Taran Adarsh likes the way Mumbai was portrayed in the movie. Since I don't live in Mumbai, I could not identify with this portrayal. I have visited Mumbai and and been frustrated by its traffic. I have heard about its rain. The slums and the old buildings are present in every city of Mumbai. I understand symbolisms. But Dhobi Ghat is too heavy on symbolism and too low on story. Give me a story please. Kiran, next time make a movie that has a story.

And please do not compare her with Mira Nair and Deepa Mehta. Monsoon Wedding, Kamasutra, Earth, Fire, Water, they all had stories. Dhobi Ghat does not have a story. PLEASE GIVE ME A STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!