1.5 Average

Dhobi Ghat

Dhobi Ghat is like a painting which U can decorate at home but its very tough to understand the Painting.....The movie making is New the credit goes to Kiran the camera work is fabulous, the Music by Gustav is so emotional n catchy the character's r well played Yasmeen (kirti) Out class Shai (monica) 100% Arun (Aamir) is Good he have been done better more better and Munna is Excellent fantastic n marvelous after all this the movie is not up to the mark as there are many Mumbai Dairies happened in recent past in bollywood as (Mumbai Meri Jaan, Thanks Maa, madholal keep walking, City of Gold and many more Kiran have been chosen some thing different story for her portral as she is excellent in story telling n Very Good in her direction on the whole the all effort is gone in vain as script is not so catchy n attractive for audience.