3.5 Very Good

Dhobi Ghat

REVIEW - -DHOBI GHAT - -- a movie that doesnt look like one... a movie, aamir khan and kiran rao will be proud of one day, a movie that captures the interiors of Mumbai city,in a different way. Movie lovers(those who dont watch movies for just entertainment) surely gonna love this film, though i wont be wrong if i call this film, a DOCUMENTRY DRAMA.. Amazingly Shot, No unnecessary song and dance routine, humorous in its own way.. Audiences were actually so much involved in the movie that nobody made any noices during it.Four different characters, lives in different parts of the city, interrelated to each other... and Who ever thought that Aamir Khan(ARUN) have a small role in the film, well, you are wrong, All the four actors,, except the second girl, YASMIN, have equal character lenths.. Prateik Babbar(MUNNA) is a scene stealer.. He is surely an actor to watch out for in the future.. Monika Dogra(SHAI) is very believable too(means natural) in front of the camera.. Aamir Khan in a never seen before avatar, check out his style of smoking, though he is not a painter in real life like Salman Khan is, but you will actually start thinking, whether 'he can paint too'??and Not to be left behind, Kriti Malhotra(YASMEEN NOOR), someone who is actually is not in the movie, but her character is the one who captures the under belly of mumbai...(you willl know what i am talking about when you see the film)..and Yaa, dont forget to go to the loo before the movie begins beacuase it doesnt have any interval. :)Final Words, Dont go expecting it to be a blockbuster kind of a film(though it has already earned +50 Crores).. it is more of a docu drama about the high and lows of life and the life in mumbai in four different perspective, which u might have seen on HISTORY or DISCOVERY channel before.. Go expecting a fresh take on film making which inspires young directors, and make producers take notice in the talent of KIRAN RAO, the director.( though she doesnt need any other producerm when she already has Aamir Khan)