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Absolute zero - these are the expectations from the music of Crackers which has arrived out of nowhere and doesn't promise anything worthwhile. Dilip Sen as a composer and Sudhakar Sharma as the lyricist - both of whom did create something worthwhile in the late 90s/early 00s - doesn't excite either and you are pretty much prepared to simply go through the motions while listening to the six tracks composed for this animation film.


The moment Dilip Sen begins his voiceover; you know 'Teri Chahat Ke Silseley' is doomed. Hariharan goes about singing this sad 'ghazal' which is so listless and out rightly boring that it is difficult to sit through it beyond even a minute. You know there and then that not just is this a reject tune from the 90s, it would also be followed by many more of the same kind in the album to follow.

Veteran Jolly Mukherjee along with Raja Hasan and Dilip Sen come behind the mike to get some fun going with 'Bhai Ka Maal He'. With the lyrics going as 'Ladki Kamaal Hai, Bhai Ka Maal Hai', the song tries to be way too smart for an animation film but falls flat on its face. Not to mention an abrupt placement of the signature theme of 'Mehbooba Mehbooba' [Sholay] which only makes one sure that the makers were trying to be gimmicky here but with zero results.

From one disaster to another, the album moves to the title song 'Crackers The Trend Setters' which has Jaspreet, Tarranum and Pinky coming together to croon a song that would have been a reject even for a kid's program on Doordarshan in the 80s. Dilip Sen tries to pep it up with some random 'bhangra' beats at places but still there is no respite in sight.

For the first time in the album comes a singer - Shaan - who is still in circulation when it comes to Bollywood songs and he tries to being his own self for 'Gudgudi Gudgudi'. Unfortunately though, the song just doesn't manage to tickle at all even though Tarannum joins Shaan in this duet that aims at being a rhythmic love duet. Result? Yet another forgettable outing.

With the sound of 'santoor' at the beginning of the song which does tend to sound different from the rest, one does end up noticing the credit details on the album all over again. As expected, there are guest composers at the helm of the affairs here. Parivesh and Darpan come together to create 'Tu Ishq Hai' which has an Indi-pop feel to it. Sung by Jaspreet Singh, it has a moment or two, especially when the song goes on the high pitch. However that is still not good enough to make one believe that it would change the prospects of Crackers by any means.

The ordeal finally ends with 'Kudi Kurkuri', an item song which gets into the Punjabi terrain and doesn't even comes close to being a poor cousin of 'Saddi Galli' [Tanu Weds Manu].


One of the most forgettable scores so far in 2011, this can hardly be termed as a 'cracker' of an album.



Crackers 0.5 Joginder Tuteja 20110425

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