4 Very Good


BROTHERS Review- After watching trailer i was thinking,why did they give 'Brothers' title to this film. Now i got my answer after watching this movie. A complete mixture of good story quite interesting screenplay good listen-able music family emotions and kick ass action scenes. Movie starts very slow, took almost first 30 minutes to settle as if we can easily watch movie after half an hour. Then movie takes pace, involved us in their story and suddenly interval appears. 1st half left us with excitement what will happen in 2nd half and then 2nd half glued us to our seats till the end. 2nd half never drags for a minute. Martial art training scenes, fighters fight and little bit thrills completely immersed everyone in the movie. But i really think the climax could have been better don't know why makers did not think about any other way to end the movie. Anyways its not that important cause these things are avoidable. Acting wise Akshay Kumar and Siddhart Malhotra both delivers power packed performances. I repeat both delivers power packed performances not quality performances cause their characters was made to do so. We all have seen Akshay doing martial arts many times before but this time its much bigger and Siddhart also joins him this time. Jackie shines all the way with his old dramatic role. Jaqueline role is small she didn't got too much to do but still whatever she has done is quite okay. Other star cast were strictly okay. Music is not huge hit but each and every song is situational so leaves much better impact. 'Gaaye Ja' sounds one of the most melodious song in its particular scene. 'Mary' is catchy massy song and plays much better in theater. Overall a fairly good music to movie's genre. Screenplay was very loose in 1st half but very tight in 2nd half. Movie runtime is 155 minutes long and its not useful at all. They could have easily reduced it by 10-15 minutes. Direction is fairly good, He already had remake in hand so he doesn't have anything to try any experience. Still he has made a fairly watchable movie. Overall a good entertaining family drama with never seen before martial arts in bollywood. Its like experiencing fighting show in theater. I don't think anyone will leave theater with disappointment. Being an Akshay fan i say its must watch movie but being neutral i say its not must watch but definitely an one time watch for all. Only kids and senior citizens can skip it otherwise its for all ages and for all kind of audience. Go and watch this 1 time watchable entertainer and enjoy your time. 7* stars by me :) (y)