2 Average


If you look close, one in every four movies from akshay kumar is a remake, yet he fails at this one terribly. It goes without saying Sidharth Malhotra is no TOM HARDY. Akshay Kumar can be credited for 10% of what Joel Edgerton did.

The movie starts out at very slow pace and fails very bluntly when it picks it up. Actors work is not commendable but they did make an effort for their looks, female leads are mere props. Jackie Schroff plays a pretty good drunk, maybe he was when did those shoots. Story is similar to WARRIORS with the few shakes here and there you expect from bollywood.

All in all, there are better things I could've done over the weekend instead of watching this grand faliure of a remake like FINDING THE MISSING EMPIRE OF ATLANTIS or SEARCING FOR ALIENS.