3 Good

Black & White

This film is about a terrorist who wants to bring down the Red Fort on 15th Aug and his 15 days that he spends out there in Delhi's Chandni Chowk till D day. As you must have guessed, that at the end, like all predictable hindi films, he does not blow himself up!
Nevertheless, its towards the end, is when you get the message that Subhash Ghai is sending across. And yes, I will agree, its something that you need to think about it.
On the whole, the film is with a message, but it does have its loop holes. The music and the pace of the film being its weakest links.
Anil K, Anurag and Shefali are excellent in their roles. The character that I adored the most however is the old professor. He's got the best lines in the film.