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Bal Ganesh Movie Review

Bal Ganesh Movie Rating

Exactly two years ago, on October 21, 2005 to be precise, HANUMAN opened the doors for animation films in India. Subsequently, one saw a number of animation films hitting the marquee, but HANUMAN continues to remain the most popular animation film witnessed on the Hindi screen.

Shemaroo's BAL GANESH enlightens viewers about the early years of Lord Ganesha. The best thing about BAL GANESH is that it refreshes your memory with incidents pertaining to Lord Ganesha, if at all you don't recollect the events minutely.

The makers have encompassed a few chapters from Lord Ganesha's childhood and the ones that are well illustrated on screen include:-
[i] The birth of Lord Ganesha and the confrontation with Lord Shiva at the start;
[ii] Lord Kubera's invitation to Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha to his house and the sequence that follows that depicts Lord Ganesha's voracious appetite.

Also, the chapter pertaining to Lord Ganesha taking the round of his universe, his parents, is interestingly depicted.

While the animation is good at places, it could've been better at times too. Sequences depicting Lord Ganesha as also his constant companion Mooshak will be loved by the kids. In fact, Mooshak's antics brings a smile on your face on several occasions.

On the whole, BAL GANESH is an interesting celluloid experience that should attract kids by the dozens. Only thing, the makers/distributors should increase the promotion and also choose the right show timings since the film has the merits to leave a mark.

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