5 Excellent


Baabul for me was an experience I will undoubtedly never forget.

From the start of the movie, it's very emotional (for me anyways). There is something so emotional about the way Amitabh Bachchan sings the the title song "Kehta Hai Baabul".

The look of the movie had a grandeur feel to it - which was good and kept it a little different from Baghban.

The story is that of a delicate one. As I am from the UK I fully understand and support the way of thinking of Mr Bachchan's character but somehow I don't feel this is going to be felt in the same way in India. India proclaims it had abolished the tradition of SATI but still it goes on so widow remarrying is going to be a little hard for the public to come to terms with in some parts of India.

As for the whole debate that the movie mirrors that of "Prem Rog" then it doesn't! The whole reason this film is being made now is because widow remarrying is still considered taboo in some parts of India and I congratulate everyone that worked on this movie for making it as it is a serious issue to be brought into the light.

The best performance by far was that of Amitabh Bachchan and Rani Mukerjee. Amitabh Bachchan by far is the best actor in India and carries his role with grandeur substance. Rani is moulding her talent in ways that make her stand out far away from her contemporaries!!!

Scenes such as Rani dancing in the rain with the knitted jumper, or when she force feeds herself on Karva Chauth to make sure she gets Salman Khan in lives to come make anyone with a heart of stone cry!!

The little baby is soooo cute!!!!!

The film is not as better as Baghban but it is still in its own league and I for one cannot wait for the release of it on DVD!!!!!