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Ajab Gazabb Love Music Review



There are very good expectations that one carries from the music of Ajab Gazabb Love. After all, producer Vashu Bhagnani has been known for having a good ear for music and when it comes to his son Jackky, he has already fulfilled the promise with F.A.L.T.U. [Sachin-Jigar] and Kal Kisne Dekha [Sajid-Wajid], both of which boasted of some good music. Moreover director Sanjay Gadhvi too has ensured good peppy numbers in his films (even though Kidnap was an aberration). Now when Sajid-Wajid are returning with an assortment of lyricists for Ajab Gazabb Love, one looks forward to some good tunes in the offering.


It's a chartbuster beginning to Ajab Gazabb Love with 'Boom Boom' setting the tone at the very top. The beats are all there, the rhythm is fantastic, the club sound gets you grooving while the pace is just perfect for a beach side party to turn hot-n-happening. Jackky Bhagnani can well be assured of the fact that after 'Chaar Baj Gaye' [F.A.L.T.U], he has another superhit song up his sleeves, what with Mika Singh doing wonderfully well in getting the right attitude through his vocals. Also, one has to give it to Priya Panchal for getting the right mix of Hindi, Punjabi and English words that should cut boundaries. The song also has a 'remix version' to boast of and even though on repeated hearing one gets a brief sense of 'Subha Hone Na De' (which was again sung by Mika) in the interim portions, it is comfortably accommodated.

As is expected from the music of a quintessential mainstream modern romcom, Ajab Gazabb Love too sees a romantic number coming soon after. 'Tu' is the song in picture and it immediately hooks you on, what with its melodic flow making it highly addictive. What further makes the song special is the coming together of lyricist Kausar Munir and singer Mohit Chauhan which gives further edge to the melodic base that 'Tu' comes with. Sajid-Wahid ensure that they keep the composition simple with no heavy duty arrangements threatening to spoil the show. A very good number which is easy on ears, this deserves to be heard.

Kausar Munir continues to spin a love laced tale with 'Sun Soniye' coming next. Pretty much continuing from where 'Tu' left, this song sees the arrival of a relatively new singer Mohammed Irfan along with Antara Mitra who has never failed to impress every time she has come behind the mike. A romantic song for all seasons which has 'mainstream Bollywood' written all over it, it also carries a distinct Sajid-Wajid stamp to it which goes well with the album's flow. Expect a lavish picturisation for this song (also appearing in a good 'remix version') which has in it to make a good impression on the big screen.

In this short and sweet album, last to arrive is 'Nachde Punjabi' which makes it four in a row for Ajab Gazabb Love. A Punjabi number which is sung extremely well by Dalvinder Singh, it has an easy rhythm to it which instantly catches on with you in the very first hearing. A 'desi' number to the core which has catchy Western beats further accentuating the overall appeal; it is written by Sukhjit Thandi who gets perfect North Indian flavour rolling. Add to it Dalvinder's unique voice and the song turns out to be the kind that could well have arrived at the very beginning of the album.


Ajab Gazabb Love has a very good assortment of songs that has everything from a club number to a 'bhangra' offering and of course a couple of soulful melodious tracks. One had expected the formulaic soundtrack to the do the trick in this Sajid-Wajid offering and the composer duo along with their team of singers and lyricists do exactly that by ensuring that there is not a single dull moment in the album. Add to this some lavish setting, colourful presentation & eye catchy picturisation and one can be rest assured that the songs would be seen and heard for some more time come at the least.


Boom Boom, Tu, Nachde Punjabi

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