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When it comes to an Akshay Kumar film, there are expectations of a full on 'masala' score. However, when the name Nagesh Kukunoor gets attached to the project, you know that soundtrack won't have a core Akshay Kumar stamp. It will be something different for sure and certainly not the kind where Akshay Kumar will get to let himself loose in a way that he has done in his recent films like Chandni Chowk To China, Singh Is Kinng or Welcome. Add to the project composers like Salim-Sulaiman, Neeraj Sridhar and Bohemia and it certainly makes you curious to play 8X10 Tasveer.


There is an underground feel to 'Nazaara Hai' that is dark, haunting, exciting, involving and pretty much in synch with the theme of the film. Boasting of an urban contemporary sound, 'Nazaara Hai' makes an impression in the first hearing and sets the tone for the rest of the soundtrack to follow. A closer hear (especially after the 'remix version' is played) makes one identify the sound of 'Nazaara' with the kind of music that is heard in Sanjay Gupta's films!

Vishal Dadlani, who has now been pretty much a regular when it comes to flexing his vocal chords behind the mike, comes up with one of his best rendered tracks in the form of 'Nazaara Hai'. He gets to sing to opening track of the album where he goes all out in living up his rock star image. Mohit Chauhan is as usual in 'Hafiz Khuda' (also appearing in another version as 'Kuchh Is Tarah' though one feels that instead of Tulsi Kumar, whether Sunidhi Chauhan or Shreya Ghoshal), could have been a better inclusion.

Tulsi also sings 'Aaja Maahi' along with Neeraj Sridhar and this time around, she gets a bigger platform to perform when compared with 'Hafiz Khuda'. Surprisingly, Neeraj's voice doesn't quite make you wonder if he should be singing more romantic numbers in movies to follow. Give us the likes of 'Bhool Bhulaiyaa' any time Neeraj and we won't mind that!


8X10 Tasveer has an average soundtrack with Nazaara Hai being the pick of the lot. The two romantic numbers do not go an extra distance though the sole rap song (I Got The Picture) does make for an interesting hear. Still, if one is looking for a hit soundtrack here, then that is not quite in the anvil.


'Nazaara Hai'

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