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Revealed - Satyagraha is Raajneeti 2, Jha to make Raajneeti 3 next

By Joginder Tuteja, August 21, 2013 - 10:07 hrs IST

Now this is one secret that was pretty much well guarded for almost a year. However now that just 10 days remain for the release of Satyagraha, it is waiting to be told. Satyagraha, which has gone through its good share of speculations and rumours, has finally put its cards on the table. As has been revealed, the film is actually Raajneeti 2 and is second in the trilogy that Prakash Jha is in the process of putting together.

Confirms a source, "This was always on the anvil but making an early revelation would have diverted the focus from what Satyagraha actually intends to tell. The very mention of Raajneeti would have taken the entire course of marketing and promotion in an altogether different direction and it was felt by all that this was best avoided. Why to piggyback on the trilogy factor when you have so much to tell as a standalone film?"

However, with everyone from Anna Hazare to Satyendra Dubey (the young whistleblower who was murdered after exposing the road mafia in Bihar) coming under scrutiny, it was high time that the film was pitched for it's true essence, which has been designed to fall into the space of Raajneeti, albeit in a different setting.

Says Prakash Jha, who was tight lipped all this while about the film being a part of the Raajneeti trilogy, "In both the films, the intricacies of relationships form the key aspect of the plot that is set against the backdrop of politics and corruption. My immediate next will be the third installment of my Raajneeti trilogy and will explore the similar theme."

There are quite a few common factors between Raajneeti and Satyagraha. Other than the fact that both films feature Ajay Devgn, Arjun Rampal and Manoj Bajpayee in principle roles, these have Anjum Rajabali as the writer with Prakash Jha and UTV Motion Pictures collaborating as the makers.

Now one waits to see if the same team is retained for Raajneeti 3 as well. "Well, a call needs to be taken on that. As of now it is Satyagraha. As I said, the focus has to be on the film which is releasing next week and not on what is next in the anvil."

No wonder, the idea to term Satygraha as Satyagraha - Raajneeti 2 has been shot down as well.

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  • Revealed - Satyagraha is Raajneeti 2, Jha to make Raajneeti 3 next
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